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cloud 9 pj's

Friday, June 27, 2014
I was so excited to be able to test another pattern for Amy from Peek A Boo Patterns, she has such incredible patterns. This time I got to test the Cloud 9 Vintage Pj's. The girls are in desperate need of some summer pj's so this pattern testing came at the perfect time. The pattern is easy to follow, easy to sew and super cute!! I didn't have any troubles. I used a cotton fabric for the top of the pj's and I used a sheet that I found at Good Will a long time ago. I have been holding on to this sheet for a perfect project and this was it. I loved using the sheet because then I didn't have to hem the bottom and it makes the pj's lightweight and super comfy. I didn't get to make Hannah and Abi's pj's yet but I will soon. Naomi loves her pj's and wears them every night (unless they're still in the laundry basket which does happen!). I can't wait to make more of these pj's and just some other great dresses for the girls from the Peek A Boo Patterns. I love them all!!

The girls Easter Dresses were another one of Amy's was the Avery Cross Over Party Dress. And I have more ready to be sewn together. I hope to show the Maui Muscle Shirt soon that I made for Micah. But as you can tell...blogging is not my strong suit in the summer! I'd rather be playing or sewing or painting or photographing!

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