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a REALLY late post about Easter

Wednesday, July 02, 2014
Just realized the other day that I never shared pictures from Easter. I want to share these so I can remember our Easter of 2014. We went to the Easter Egg Hunt at church the day before Easter and then the kids got to hunt for eggs again during Sunday School. We had a nice lunch at my parents place and enjoyed being together as a family!! Christ is Risen...He is Risen indeed Alleluia! 

I thought Hannah would be the one afraid of the bunny...but this year it was Micah!

I made dresses for the girls again and a tie shirt for Micah. The dress pattern is from Peek A Boo patterns and I love it. It was pretty easy to put together and the girls love to twirl in the dresses! It's called the Audrey Cross Over Party Dress. Check it out it's a great pattern and no button holes or zippers!!

  Love this shot!!

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