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turning six - bleach t-shirt tutorial

Wednesday, April 02, 2014
 My little man is turning six today. How is that possible? It still doesn't seem possible that I am old enough to be married, have a home and four kids. Crazy I tell ya. But I guess it is possible since it is my reality and a reality that I don't want to change. My sweet little Micah, the little boy who stole my heart the second I laid eyes on him isn't so little anymore. I am comforted by the fact that he says he'll live next door to me when he's "old and married". This little boy is such an amazing blessing and I cannot imagine my life without him. He's an incredible big brother and a great little brother too. He's very caring, compassionate and all boy. He loves every sport and baseball is usually at the top of the list. He loves to play cars, trains, legos and dinosaurs. He is particular about his clothing and always wants to wear "comfy pants" (but so do I so who can blame him). He is hilarious and always good for a laugh. He's got this funny little southern talk thing going on from time to time that's hard to explain and his facial expressions are hilarious. He keeps us on our toes and is such a blessing to those he meets! I love this kid and his passion for many things.

Every year for the kids birthdays I make them shirts with their age on it...this year was no exception. However, this year the shirt was the easiest I've ever done. And you can do one too...even if you claim you're not crafty. ANYONE can make one of these shirts! Here's a few simple steps.

What you need:
Freezer Paper
Spray bottle

Put some cardboard into your shirt. Then lay the freezer paper on top of your shirt (shiny side down). I roughly traced the outline of the shirt so I would know where I wanted my letters to go. Draw your letters or design and then cut them out. You're basically making a stencil. Then once it's cut out iron the freezer paper to your shirt (shiny side down). You don't want to do a detailed design with this technique because it won't turn out well since the bleach tends to "bleed" a bit. Then with the bleach in your spray bottle just spray the bleach into the cut out area. Let it sit for a little bit while the bleach does its magic and then take the stencil off and spray just a few random sprays to add to the "grunge" effect. Then rinse the shirt once the bleach has done it's magic (or wash it in the machine I just didn't have time) then dry it, wrap it up and call it good!!

We are giving Micah the shirt, some printer paper, markers a new bat and some baseballs. He's taking some grain-free cake doughnuts to school for his classmates and I'm still working on his strawberry cake!
Can't wait to celebrate our special little man!!
Here's our most recent family photo from our trip to the safari park on Saturday. We had a blast there and I will share some photos of it soon!

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