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sisters shared room tour

Monday, April 14, 2014
We have officially lived in our house for two years. Wow. That's crazy. It feels like we just moved it. But at the same time it feels like we've lived here a long time. The accumulation of stuff would lead you to believe we've lived here for ten years!! We are S-L-O-W-L-Y working on getting rid of "stuff"...paring down, de-cluttering, call it what you will. We really know what needs to be done but finding the time to get it done has proven harder than we thought. Life just keeps going. No stopping to spend a day de-cluttering...or deep cleaning...yeah, don't check my ceiling fans...just saying. 

About two weeks ago I took the Monday morning that Greg was home and spent time cleaning up Micah's room. I put toys back in their proper place, got rid of trash, put clothes away, etc. My kids don't really play with things in their intended purpose, which is fine, I like that they are using their imaginations. It just means that things end up all over the place. So every once in a while it's really necessary for a good deep clean and organize to happen. This weekend it was time for the big girls room to get cleaned. We've picked up their room and organized before (last summer when they spent a week with gma and gpa I cleaned) but it hasn't been THIS clean in a LOOOOONG time. 

When we moved into this house we had a very different room arrangement than we have now. Kids have moved around a bit but we're pretty settled on the placement of kids for now. We do hope to have a triple bunk bed built soon for the girls to all share but for now the big girls share a room and Micah and Abi have their own rooms. The big girls are not very clean/organized/neat individuals. We're working on it. So it is very necessary for us to come in and get things cleaned up from time to time. I've been hoping/meaning to get to the girls room for a long time. Friday night I finally sat down and sewed the N-A-O-M-I letters onto the embroidery hoops and I think that it was started the determination to make the room cleaning happen. Saturday morning while Greg was at a meeting I started the two plus hour project. With only a few interruptions we were able to get the room completely clean and organized before Greg got home! What a fun surprise for him. We didn't focus on de-cluttering but we were able to part with a few things off the bat. Our main objective was to get everything back into its place...because believe it or not everything did have a place. Naomi helped me the whole time and was in there "working" with me. Hannah helped a little bit and Micah just roamed in from time to time to see what was going on. Abi wanted to be right in on the action and spent most of the time climbing over the piles of clutter to sit on my lap. Fun times!

Once everything was put back we dusted and vacuumed and called it a day. I figured it may never be this clean again so I decided to document this moment and take time to share their room with you here. I am no room stagger. I'm not a professional interior decorator. I know what I like and I try to make it work within my budget. I love to create things for my kids rooms and I want the things on their walls to be meaningful and cute! 

I didn't really get a good BEFORE photo but I did snap this one on my phone right after I hung up Naomi's name above her bed. So you can see a little bit how there's stuff all over...under the beds, dresser, on top of the dresser and the corner of the room by the girls shelf was a MESS!!! so, here's BEFORE...with cute little Abi!!

Ahhh, that's MUCH better!!

Someday I will get that painting finished!!

Looks like I should get around to putting Hannahs baby photos in the frame too!!

Here are the two boxes of stuff we moved out of the room. The big box is things to donate and the smaller box is things that were in the girls room but really didn't belong there!!

It feels so good to have this room cleaned up. I hope the girls can keep it clean at least for a little while. We do plan on going through and de-cluttering and getting rid of more stuff but it had to be cleaned before I could do that. I hope to share some of the other room updates we've been up to lately soon also!! Think wall paper removal and PAINT!! yay!!

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