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six months late

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Life just doesn't slow down does it? And that's okay. But it went by so quickly that I forgot to take photos of my girls on their birthdays....six months ago. Usually I get to their photo sessions about a week or so after their birthdays...well, I must have slept through all of October, part of November and then blanked out till now because it never even occurred to me to take their photos (close to their birthdays). Maybe it's working part time...I just want to collapse when I get home. Maybe it was the colder weather this winter. Maybe my brain is still hibernating. Maybe it's having three birthdays and an Anniversary in the same month. Not really sure but I finally took some 3 year old photos of Hannah (even though she's 3.5 years old by now). I still need to get a good session of Naomi and Abi and Micah's will come soon too although luckily it'll be closer than six months after his birthday.

It's not Hannah so much that I'm bummed about (she has changed some that's for sure) but Abi...she has changed SO MUCH in these past six months and I don't feel like I adequately captured her as a one year old. Yes, I have a few photos but not a good full out session. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to do her 18 month old session before she's 19 months old at this point. Anyway, here are some of the photos that I snapped of Hannah yesterday. Oh and what sparked all this? What made me realize I never did their birthday photo sessions? It was the dress. The dress Hannah had on was the same one Naomi wore for her 3 year old photo session! So I grabbed my camera and captured fun little spunky Hannah at 3 and a half years old.

And here are a few of Naomi in the dress when she was three!!

   It's so fun to see what sort of  "mood" my photography took in the past...
apparently I was into the faded look four years ago!

Guess what Abi will be wearing when she has her three year old photo session!???

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