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40's nurse costume

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Every year the kids have three or four recitations at their school. Each class shares a poem or song that they've memorized. They also share some scripture passages as a whole school. It's incredible to watch. The last recitation is the biggest one and they have all the kids dress up. I've talked about this before but today I wanted to share how I made my kids costumes! Because I'm cheap thrifty I decided to make costumes for my kids. They had to dress in costumes that represented the time period they were studying in their history cycle. So, it was 1940's WWI, WWII and the like. Naomi told me she wanted to dress up like a nurse. Micah didn't really care so I just found something easy to make. So, for Naomi's dress I did some research online for 1940's nurse outfits and then came up with what I would do on my own.

I found a men's size medium blue shirt at Thrift Town and scored a new tie for Greg as well. I tried the shirt on Naomi and found out that I wouldn't have to alter the collar at all...yay!! All I really did was sew up the sides and cut off the sleeves.

Then I took an old white sheet that I had and cut out some pieces to make the apron, added the red felt cross and called it good!!

Here's my little sweetie wearing her little 40's nurse costume before recitation.

Micah's costume of a colonial boy was very easy. I bought some khaki pants at thrift town and just sewed a little pocket to add some elastic in the bottom. I found a button up shirt and the brown t-shirt at goodwill. The brown t-shirt I just cut the sleeves off and then cut it down the middle in the front. It was simple to do and turned out pretty good. He did wear long socks on recitation day (just not in this picture)!
Hannah had this cute "sailor" dress that was Naomi's and it was perfect for the recitation which was all decked out in USO type decor. We all got dressed up and enjoyed the evening!! And now my kids have Halloween costumes too!

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