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personalized name paintings

Friday, June 28, 2013
I'm all about handmade gifts. If you know me at all you know that I'd rather make something and show my love for someone through something I made with my own hands than spending hours in a store waiting for something to get my attention. If you know me some more you know that I always have GREAT intentions for handmade gifts but not always the most timely follow through. I will say that I'm getting a little better but time still gets the best of me and more often than not gifts don't make it to the recipients until a month or so after their birthday....or Christmas, etc. 

These gifts were actually done in a timely manner but I waited to give them to the kids because I knew I'd see them a few weeks after their birthdays and instead of spending money on mailing them I waited to give them in person. I'd always much rather gift a handmade gift in person. The look on peoples faces is what I love so much about giving personal handmade gifts. Yes, sometimes they don't really care for it or it wasn't what they REALLY wanted but that's okay too. I know that not every handmade gift is received with the same joy that was put into it...and that's okay!!

I made my nephews and niece matching outfits for Christmas so I thought that for their birthdays (all in the month of May) I'd do something a little different. I knew that the boys share a room and that it was decorated with a sports theme so I thought personalized name paintings would be fun for them to add to their rooms. I also knew that Kiley has her own room and that it used to have flowers and butterflies...not sure if it does anymore but I thought the flower would be a good decor to a little girls room. So, here are some personalized name paintings that I did for my nephews and niece.

Andrew LOVES the Packers!

Noah is a big BREWER fan! And his mom cheers for the Cardinals so I figured this one could go either way.

Here are the little cuties with their paintings!!
These are 8x10 canvas paintings and I am willing to take order if you'd like one for your child's room!

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