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crescent roll desserts

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
It's no secret that I love dessert...gooey, chocolaty, sweet, it doesn't really matter. But even more than just a plain dessert I love a quick and easy to make dessert that everyone can help with. These two desserts are just that, quick, easy and the kids can help. Start with store bought crescent rolls, fill them with whatever you'd like, bake according to the package directions and enjoy!

Last night we made apple pie crescent roll desserts. Super simple. Easy. The kids helped and they were DELICIOUS!! Unroll the crescent roll, add some apple pie filling a sprinkle of cinnamon, roll them up and bake at 350 for 11-13 minutes. When they came out of the oven we drizzled some caramel syrup over them and enjoyed them! Yummy!!!

These were awesome too! Just unroll the crescent add a small spoonful of nutella, roll them up and seal the edges then roll the whole thing in a little cinnamon sugar before baking. Amazing gooey chocolaty goodness in less than 15 minutes!! Give them a try...or make up your own, you won't be disappointed!

Tara said...

Those look so yummy!!!

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