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baby on a bookshelf

Tuesday, November 06, 2012
For some reason I've always wanted to take a picture of my kids on a bookshelf. Greg and I have always loved books...collecting them, reading them, storing them, moving them ;). But really I just love those "baby on a bookshelf" I thought I'd give it a try. While I got everything ready Abi was totally asleep (in the other room) but by the time I finished "setting the stage" she had started to wake up. So I was only able to get one photo of her with her eyes closed and sleeping, because then she started crying. So I really only got one "sleeping baby on the bookshelf" photo, but it turned out pretty good so I'm okay with that. I put her in her crib (which she'll sleep in in a few months) and she immediately calmed down, so I took advantage and got a few shots of her lying in her crib (I love those shots as well). I just wish I would have had her embroidery hoop name done (it'll hang above the 'dream' bunting) but once I get it done I'll try these photos again.

It's hard to dream with your eyes open sweetie! ;)

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