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two year old hannah

Thursday, November 08, 2012
If you're my friend on facebook you've already seen these...but I wanted to blog about them to for my blogging friends who aren't on, like 2 of you! So bear with me!

Hannah is a little stubborn sometimes and doesn't always like to do what I ask her to do. But she's very good about helping me out most of the time. Usually her stubborn streak shows up when I want to take her picture. Last Saturday (day two of her cold) I asked if she would let me take her picture, she told me yes!! I jumped at the opportunity and took full advantage. Imagine my surprise when she posed like this at first! ha! Silly Hannah!

But she gave me some GREAT smiles, some great serious faces and she had fun posing for me. She followed some direction from me pretty well and I am very pleased with how the photos turned out. After my last two failed attempts at getting her to show some personality in her photos I was so excited with how well she did.

 My favorites!!

Hannah is such a sweet girl. She is in love with her little sister. She talks about Abi all the time "me hold Abi", "Abi cry", "Abi Gray (grace)", "P-U Abi". She is hilarious and cracks me up on a daily basis. She can also really be a stubborn little girl and a stinker! She is in full imitation mode and will copy whatever you say and do (so you best be careful what you say around her). She is starting to assert her independence and has a pretty shrill and loud scream if you make her mad!! She is a big helper and will even do things without being asked. She loves to help with the laundry, putting clothes in the dryer, cleaning the lint trap, putting her clothes away, etc. She loves to help her big siblings empty the dishwasher. She loves to throw diapers away...and just about anything else you ask her to throw away. She loves her baby dolls, playing Barbies with Naomi and playing cars and "choo-choos" with Micah. She also loves to color, sing and dance. She's an equal opportunity child, she'll give everything a try. The only thing we know that she doesn't like is the doctors office (but she doesn't mind the dentist, go figure). This little lady is so amazing and really brings a lot of Joy to our lives!! So blessed that we get to call her ours!

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