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11 months

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Well little Micah turned 11 months old yesterday.
Is my little guy almost one?

Micah is a very laid back dude. He plays in "stealth" mode almost all day. He'll play and then move to a different area to play and if you're not looking you may not know where he went. He's VERY quiet. I think it may have something to do with his talkative sister but we're looking into it! ha! He's such a sweet little guy and loves to crawl over and give us hugs and nuzzles. He loves to just nuzzle his face into the lap of whomever is sitting the closest. He'll even stop playing to come and nuzzle...he's so awesome. He recently started giving kisses, but unlike most 11 month olds who will kiss with their mouth wide open, Micah actually puckers his lips. It's the cutest thing and I'm trying to get a photo of it but he's pretty picky about WHEN he puckers. He won't pucker every time, he has to be in just the right mood.

He eats like a champ. He crawls everywhere and if you stand still long enough he'll stand up using your legs. He does make noises from time to time and does say "mama" and "dada" every once in a while. He also loves playing with his tongue...not with his hands but just inside his mouth, sticking it out, biting it, rolling it, you name it. He and Naomi are starting to play together more and it's so awesome to watch. Of course, Naomi likes to push him away some of the time but that doesn't stop him from going back for more sister love! He loves to be outside. He loves bath time but won't sit still. He loves to dance. He's starting to know "how big is Micah" and it's so fun to watch!

Anyway, enough already right? Here are Micah's 11 month calendar photos. This was really tricky. The little dude will not sit still and getting him to lay down is even trickier. And getting him to lay down long enough for me to get the camera AND get Naomi out of the photo is darn near impossible. But alas, a toy and "Naomi, help me take the picture" and I got one good one of him laying on the calendar. I love these other shots of him sitting on the calendar too. What a heartbreaker!Oh and I think he weighs 24 pounds and is right around 30 inches long.

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