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seven months old

Wednesday, June 05, 2013
My computer screensaver shows pictures that are on my hard drive. The kids love to sit on my chair and watch the photos pop up, they then name whomever is in the photo and try to tell the story of the photo (if they know it). It's been fun lately to see Hannah get in on the "game". She loves to sit there and tell us who everyone is. However, Hannah's not very good at the game. Sure, she knows mommy and daddy, Naomi and Micah and the 2 year old Hannah. But if she sees photos of herself or Naomi as a baby she automatically says "dat Abi" So I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some photos of the kids at seven months to see how much they look like each other and what makes them each different. Because it's hard for me to say "Oh Naomi looks just like ____" and "Micah is the spitting image of _____" Although people fill in those blanks a lot it's hard for me to see it sometimes. I will say that each kid is a pretty good combination of both Greg and I and sometimes it depends on their expression as to whom they look like. I do think that Hannah looks a LOT like Naomi and Abi favors Micah more but other than that it's hard to say  who exactly they look like. They are all a good mix. Here are some photos of the kids at seven months old. What do you think? Who do they look like to you?



Hannah at seven months old
Micah at seven months old
Abi at seven months old

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