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the weekend of good food

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
We had a lot of great food this weekend. Friday night we headed over to Scott and Linda's house (sans kids) and had awesome Danish cuisine! It was so good. The dessert was amazing, the fellowship was fun, the boys got to play some games on the Wii and Linda and I had great conversations. They even humored us and laughed at our stupid jokes! Scott and Greg have lots to talk about with basketball and Linda homeschools Isaiah so I've got a great resource in her. We were there pretty late but were very glad that Susan was a trouper and hung out with the kids all night (she got to enjoy the dessert when we got home too).

Sunday night we went to Susan and Steve's and had dinner there. We started out the early afternoon with some Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss (how sweet that they bought my fav. beer just for me...I didn't know we could get that here in Texas and I am SO glad to know that we can) amd some jumping on the trampoline. We moved on to drums and ducks, and finished the evening with a DELICIOUS dinner! BBQ ribs and pork on the smoker, yummm! Awesome potatoes and veggies and a delicious dessert. Susan, I really liked that dessert even though it had pecans on it. I think that pecans are better for desserts than walnuts (personal opinion) but also appreciate no nuts in the first place! Anyway, it was a great evening...and Naomi had a blast talking with and teasing Joey. Actually I think Joey was teasing Naomi but it was pretty funny! Micah had a good time except when Max (their little helen keller dog) came by, for some reason Max really freaked him out. Thanks Susan and Steve (and Joey) for the great evening. We hope to hang out again soon!
I love weekends where I don't have to cook much, and when the food is delicious!

Today we had a super yummy lunch at church for Greg's birthday. Brisket, beans, potatoe salad and an awesome dessert. Here's the dessert ice cream sandwiches laid out in rows in a 9x13 pan, topped with cool whip and then topped with mini chocolate chips and toffee chips. Put the dessert in the freezer to let it set and then serve. It was so good and sounds like it was pretty simple to make as well!

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