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forty-five years....

Sunday, August 03, 2014
This past June marked 45 years of a blessed marriage. My in-laws celebrated this milestone by inviting all our families to a fun vacation week in Gatlinburg, TN. We enjoyed golf, shopping, swimming, card games, crafting, homemade dinners, hanging out, a mountain hike and just being together as a family was the best part of all. Our vacation was an incredible time filled with lots of memories and the same can be said of their marriage. Sure, their marriage has not always been filled with roses and daisies (just like any marriage) but God is faithful. Christ has always been the center of their marriage thus blessing their union with faithfulness, grace, compassion and lots of laughter. I am blessed to have these wonderful examples of faithful service to Christ, as they have served each other and their families, in my life. 

Thank you for raising children who are compassionate, faithful, good leaders and most importantly, children who know Jesus and His unfailing love. I have benefited from your Christian example of marriage in my own marriage to your son. May your days be continually blessed and here's to many many more years of marriage!!

Here are a few photos that we took to commemorate our time together!!

 There might have been a few Brewer fans in the crowd as well!!

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