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baby ruth turns one

Monday, August 04, 2014
I love it so much when I am able to photograph a family or child many times. It is so fun to watch families and children change. I have been blessed with some of the best clients...and friends...and clients that turn into friends...and friends who become clients. 

Ruth is the first baby is go all the way through my Baby Blessings plan (except my own kids) since I've moved to Tennessee. I was able to document Ruth and her family while she was hanging out in her mommy's tummy. I was able to get my newborn baby fix and capture some special photos of her as a brand new member of her family. I also got to photograph her at six months old right when she started sitting up! This past week Ruth celebrated her first birthday so I was able to capture some really fun shots of her back at the place where we took the maternity/family photos. 

Ruth is such a calm and happy baby. She is the fifth child in her family so she always has action going on around her and she just eats it up, smiles, laughs and hangs out. She had lots of smiles for me during our session and loved sucking on her fingers. I think I was able to capture some photos of Ruth being Ruth. I hope you like them Liz!!!

She's coming to get me!!

Hi Ruthie!!

Love how she was just totally relaxing...such a chill baby!

I think this one is probably my favorite from the whole session!!

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