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kids bedrooms tour

Monday, July 07, 2014
Well here it is...our big DIY reveal!! We've been plotting and planning, building, painting and installing. The triple bunk bed is 90% done! The room is about the same. As you can tell we still need to paint the ladders and the support beams. I am also going to add a little painted something on the beds but I'll let that be a surprise! I also have to do some moving around of the wall decor but then this room will be done! But I was so excited about my husbands handy work that I couldn't wait till everything was done to share it with you!! We used the plans from the Handmade Dress website and they were perfect!! You can visit their room before the triple bunk beds here.

We are so excited to have our girls all share a room!! We hope they love it as well. Right now Abi will stay in her crib in her room and the other girls will be on the middle and lower beds until we get a guard rail up top and until Abi is ready for a big girl bed (which may be a while hopefully!!). we're thinking ahead!! The girls LOVE their room and Hannah loves that she doesn't have to sleep in a crib anymore!

 I took most of these photos with my fisheye lens so that is why there is some distortion. I wanted you to be able to get a whole room view!

 Micah used to have bunk beds but we took those down and gave him the queen size bed that was in Abi's room. So if you come to visit we still have room. Micah was THRILLED to have this bed and is so excited for his "new room". We will still move some things around...the shelf will not stay above his bed and we'll probably move his dresser to a different wall. But this is the state his room is in for now.

Micah got this awesome tool bench for his brother-in-law built it and Micah and Greg assembled it. Micah LOVES it!!

 Abi's room lost the queen size bed that took up most of the room and gained a twin size bed. Soon we'll make some desks to go in this room and once Abi is out of her crib this will be our home office!! So excited.

So there is a little kid bedroom tour. Obviously these rooms are NOT finished and there are still little things that need to happen to make them done...but I wanted to share what we've been working on. It's a slow work in progress but we're happy with how it's coming along!!

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