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eleven years

Saturday, October 05, 2013

11 years ago on a gorgeous fall day in Wisconsin I said "I do" to forever with this man. 11 years ago I promised for better or for worse to be by his side. I promised for richer or for poorer to remain his wife. I promised in sickness and in health to be with him. 11 years ago I was so "young" and in love. Now, I'm just 11 years older and even more in love. I know more about what it means to be married. I am learning (albeit very slowly) how to be unselfish, how to put ones needs before my own. I know that forgiveness and communication are huge elements in a successful marriage but having Christ as the center of marriage is the MOST important thing. I am grateful for Greg's commitment to lead our family in Christ's truth. I am grateful that he LOVES the word of God and sharing it with our family. I am grateful that Greg knows how to forgive me when I've wronged him or the kids.

I am grateful for 11 years of learning new lessons, learning how to love in new ways, learning how to be unselfish, learning more about myself, my husband and most importantly my Savior. I remember that fall day with a smile on my face, it was an INCREDIBLE day. Being surrounded by our friends and family as we committed for forever as husband and wife was momentous and not something I take lightly. I am grateful to all my friends who stood by me then and those who stand by me now (many are the same). I am grateful for this amazing man that God saw fit for me to call my husband. For better and for worse! My sentiments are the same from my ten year post. My love for Greg has grown and flourished over the years as I've grown and learned so many things, I cannot imagine my life without him. Happy 11 baby!!

So INCREDIBLY blessed!!

katherine marie said...

HAPPY HAPPY LOVE DAY!!! wishing you a lifetime of beauty, fun and bliss!!!xoxoxoxo PS I love seeing you as a blushing and gorgeous bride!!!

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