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baby ruth arrives!!

Thursday, August 01, 2013
Remember these pictures from a week or so ago? Well baby Ruth has arrived safe and sound and is doing great. I think she'll even get to go home today! Ruth was born on her big brother Levi's birthday!! They will have a special bond because of that I'm sure! I was honored to be able to go visit Liz and Ruth in the hospital when she was a mere 5.5 hours old!! I love holding new babies. I love photographing new babies. I love taking these moments of new life and making them stand still...because if you've ever had children you know how incredibly fast the time really does go.

Look at that joy and love for her new sweet baby girl!!

The gift of life is truly a gift. A gift that should be cherished and treasured every day...even if that gift is not brand's still a gift!
Can't wait for baby Ruth's newborn photo session....we've got something cooking...I mean up our sleeves ;)

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