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family photography

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
As most of you know I am not actively pursuing my photography with four kids leaves me busy enough. I really want to spend this time when my kids are little loving on them and sharing in their childhood. I want to be an active part of their childhood and not stuck in front of a computer screen trying to market my skills in an already somewhat saturated market. But I LOVE it when friends ask me to photograph their families and then tell their friends about me. I love getting to meet new people and photograph new families. That was how I got to meet this adorable family...through our mutual friend. I feel blessed to have a friend who is passionate about having great photographs of her kids and is kind enough to recommend me to others. It makes me feel good and I am blessed to be able to share this gift that God gave me with others. 

I love being able to photograph my friends and their families. Usually they are pretty comfortable in front of my camera since they know me. Usually I have lots of things to talk about with them to distract them from the awkwardness that can sometimes come with being photographed. When I meet new families I am always more nervous before the session but usually we get into a groove pretty quickly. This family was no exception. I had meet Lanae on a few occasions prior to this photo session because she is a local MOPS coordinator and our mutual friend invited me to join her a few times at MOPS. But I had not spent a lot of time with her kids...but we hit it off quickly and had a great time during our session. It was a BEAUTIFUL July evening and not humid or very hot. There were a lot of mosquitoes but Brian brought some bug spray so we were good about half way through the session. These girls had so much fun running around, making silly faces and telling me all about school. I had a great time working with them all and hope they are willing to recommend me to their friends. 

I love being able to capture memories for families so that they can remember this special time in their lives. It doesn't have to be a huge milestone or birthday, I love to capture the every day moments too. I love the natural lifestyle photography and hope to capture people in their element without being too posed or forced. I am so thankful that my friends and family trust me with capturing these memories for them, whether the session and photos are perfect or not we have a great time and make new memories during the session itself. Thanks again to all my friends who are willing to share my name with their friends.

These two girls were so much fun! Sweet and spunky at the same time!

 I've always wanted to do a silhouette photo and now that I've done it I hope to do it more often and I would LOVE to get a silhouette photo of my family also!!

I had the girls hold hands and then asked them to jump together, they didn't really jump together but they looked really cute before jumping...

Then Brian asked me if he could jump and of course I'm up for anything so I said yes. This is not what I thought he was going to do but I loved it. It was a great jump and I am so happy with the fact that I was able to capture it!

What a sweet family!! 

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