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our easter

Monday, April 01, 2013
 Hope you all had a great Easter. We enjoyed the day with breakfast at church, a wonderful church service followed by lunch at my parents house. We also had the kids find their Easter baskets and my parents hid some eggs for the kids too. We are so blessed to be chosen by Christ and to be loved so much that he was willing to die on the cross and conquer death for us..even though every day we turn our back on Him. Thanks be to God that he is gracious and has compassion on us. Here are a few photos from our Easter.

 Since I take more photos than I am in I decided to try and get a good photo of me with each of the kids...some of them didn't really want to smile...hmmmm

 The dresses turned out pretty good. I am pleased with the work I did. I know they are not perfect but that's okay with me. Would I win a sewing contest? nope. But do my kids have pretty dresses that I made? yes! And Micah loves his tie shirt...and I made one for Greg too!! I sew the dresses not just to save us money but because it's fun and I really do enjoy it. I'm not a perfectionist so they are not store worthy but that's okay with me...and my kids! Plus it's hard to find coordinating outfits in the sizes of my kids so it's just easier to make my own.

 I LOVE these people so much. So blessed to call them mine!!

The pattern/tutorial for the dresses came from Craftiness is not optional!

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