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happy birthday micah

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
About this time (5am) five years ago I was on the phone with my husband who was an hours drive away telling him that he needed to head for home. By 3:30 that afternoon after 3 pushes Micah had joined the outside world. The kid slept for most of his first month and a half of life and has been wide awake and moving since that time. What a joy it is for me to have a son. I love my girls but there is just something different, special about the bond of a mother and son. I love this little guy so much. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to be his mom here on earth. I cannot imagine my life without him. 
He is hilarious. 
He is spontaneous. 
He is compassionate. 
He is helpful. 
He is sweet. 
He is caring. 
He is joyful. 
He is faithful. 
He is full of energy. 
He is my amazing little man. 

He has been talking about turning 5 for a good month but even more so for the last week. He's so thrilled to have a birthday and so excited that he's going to have a party. He's a great helper around the house (when he wants to be). He loves to snuggle (but usually only for a few minutes). He loves to play cars and make up new train track configurations each day. He loves to play with his sisters (most of the time). He loves to play ball and cheers for the Cardinals. He can't wait for baseball and swimming lessons this summer. He loves making tents and rocket ships. He loves to play in the dirt and with rocks and sticks. He loves to ride his bike and draw streets for his cars on the driveway. He loves going to school and seeing his friends and his teacher. He is so excited that he will be in kindergarten next year (but I don't think he realizes how long away that is a kids world). He's just an amazing and passionate little guy. Can't believe he's 5 already! Here are some of my favorite photos of Micah from the last 5 years!!

Just a few hours old!

Birth Announcement

One year old!

Two years old

Three years old

Four years old

I'm glad he's not sick of the baseball theme!! Ha!!

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