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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

If you've been hanging around here long you know how much I love to sew. I've never taken a formal sewing lesson in my life, although I really wish I could. I had two women teach me the basics, one taught me how to make a quilt square and follow and quilt pattern. The other woman taught me how to read and follow a clothing pattern. I don't know where the desire to learn how to sew came from. The summer before I got married I lived with my cousin and she showed me some shirts that she embellished with beads. I thought they were so beautiful and my naive self thought, "you can add things to already made clothes?" Duh. Hello sheltered world. shattered.

I wanted to create things. I wanted to have my creations around my house and eventually walking around on my kids. I think the idea of being able to make my own items for my home or to wear from a piece of fabric ignited my desire to learn this new craft. I started sewing in 2006 with straight lines only. Two pieces of fabric put together with a straight line. Pillow cases, curtains, easy things. Then after I had my first daughter I started thinking more about quilts, blankets, and clothes. I didn't start sewing clothes for my kids right away. I was totally intimidated...still am. I started with easy things like pillow case dresses, twirl skirts and tie shirts (with double sided fusible web). I slowly started to add things to my repertoire peasant dresses, felt food, and using actual patterns. I still will not sew a dress that includes buttons or zippers since I am still totally intimidated by those things and have never even tried to sew a button hole or add a zipper. Soon. Very soon.
GoTo Signature Dress and Top Pattern

I found these great patterns for knit material that I am so excited to try out. Although knit fabric scares me a little bit. The Go To Signature Dress Pattern is such a cute and versatile pattern that I know my girls will love. Naomi LOVES dresses that cover her feet and since that is an option in this pattern I would make her a long dress. I think I would add the hood to Hannah's dress since she loves to wear them and pockets too...maybe it would help keep her hands busy ;). And these dresses do not have any buttons or zippers! yay! I can't wait to give them a try!!

Coastal Cargos pants sewing pattern for boys or girls
I would love to make these Coastal Cargos for Micah...TOTALLY intimidated. Maybe I should learn how to sew some buttons or zippers first. But they're so cute aren't they?

Beachy Boatneck sewing pattern for boys and girls
I think maybe I should start with the Beachy Boat Neck and do something that I know I could conquer...I did after all make a jacket for my mom so I know I can do sleeves!

Anyway, I could sit here all day and share with you all the patterns at Go To Patterns but you should just head over there and check out the many different types of sewing patterns they have there. Such good and cute stuff. Things for boys and girls. Toys, dresses, bags, quilt patterns etc. And if you sign up for the Go To Patterns Newsletter you will get a FREE pattern in your email!!! Okay, I'll stop rambling so you can go check it out. What are you going to sew next? I am going to tackle my fear and make some knit dresses for the may take me a while though.

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