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baseball party invitation

Monday, April 01, 2013
My little man is turning 5 tomorrow! Wow! Where has the time gone. For some reason having him turn 5 is harder for me than when Naomi turned 6. Weird I know. This little guy is such an amazing boy and I'll tell you more about him tomorrow but I wanted to share this with you first. We are having a "friend" birthday party for him on Saturday. This is his first real friend party and he's so excited. He's been talking about his birthday and party for weeks!!....wait...months!! The last two years on his birthday we were moving so he was lucky enough to have some family around but this time we're going to throw him a party. 

We don't throw big friend parties every year, in fact we've decided to do a big party on birthdays 1,5, 10 and 16...and maybe 18 (we'll see when we get there). So I'm excited to give my craftiness a chance to come out...the problem is I have so many ideas in my head that probably won't make it out. But at least I'm the only one who will be let down when not everything happens. Too many ideas too little time! Especially with Easter being yesterday! Anyway, here's the party invite that I created and his "5" shirt that he'll get tomorrow!! So excited for this little guy!

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