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valentine's day crafts

Thursday, February 14, 2013
It's been very Pinteresting around here!! I think I made more crafty items that I pinned than ever before...and it feels good. Cuz I pin A LOT. I know. It's a slight addiction. I'm wondering if there is a 12 step program for pinners like me...well, if there is I don't want to go through it! ha! I have an addiction. I admit it but I don't want help!! It feels good to put those pins to use! So here they are in no particular order with all the links listed at the end (in no particular order)...
 LOVE Abi's little tiny feet!!
The tutorial for the melted crayon hearts is here.

 These are the valentines the kids made for their friends...


And I really wanted to go with a non candy little gift because they're going to get so much candy as it is...

 LOVE the little man's handwriting!!
 Naomi has such good handwriting.
 And I made these candy dishes for the kids cost $5 including the candy!

 And I made a fun lunch for the kids yesterday to eat at school...we'll have a fun lunch at home today too. They also has some homemade applesauce with this lunch.

That's our valentine's day fun...but I'm hoping that today we'll do one more little craft later today!!

Terra Cotta pot gumball machine
Crayon shaving hearts
Footprint hearts
Paper heart chain
Be Mine Valentines
Bounce ball classmate valentines
Heart with sprinkles sandwich
Heart cherry tomatoes
Valentine Lunchbox notes

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