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melted crayon hearts

Tuesday, February 05, 2013
My kids ask almost every day if they can do a project. So, I obliged the other day and showed them one that I wanted to try. I let them see the finished product on my pinterest board and Naomi didn't seem too excited. I asked her if she wanted to paint instead (with another project in mind) and she said no....which is VERY unusual for her. So I decided that it would be fun to give these melted crayon hearts a try, whether the kids wanted to participate or not. 

So here's the basics. Shred some crayons (I used a grater) onto wax paper. Cover with another piece of wax paper and with your iron on the lowest setting melt the crayons. It's helpful to put a towel under the wax paper and also know you may need to wipe off your iron a few times so don't use a good towel. Then once the wax paper is cooled off cut into whatever shapes you desire. We then punched holes and hung with string from the window. Easy peasy. But mostly parent led. I love the way they look in the window and am tempted to do more for other windows...we'll see if we have more time. Give these a try, if your kids are like mine, they may resist at first but end up loving the whole project!!

The grater was from the dollar store so I wasn't worried about ruining it...but the crayon washed off easily!

A little goes a long way!

 I just tied the hearts to one main string and taped that to the top of the window frame!

Unknown said...

Very cute! we were going to do this as a class craft for my son's 4th grade class but his teacher decided to do a core curriculum valentine activity on some math concept... boring!! ;) Love it!

Jamie said...

Oh man that's a bummer, guess you'll have to do them at home instead. Micah did these in pre-k this fall but they cut them in the shape of a leaf.

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