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we heart trains

Wednesday, February 06, 2013
 Micah loves trains. Probably not as much as baseball and cars but trains are near the top of his list!! I saw a photo similar to this on pinterest and thought I'd give it a try. I really wanted to do this when Abi was a newborn but in my sleep deprived state didn't get HALF of the pictures I wanted to when she was a newborn. But I like her at this age too...she SMILES a LOT, she's starting to giggle and she loves to watch her older siblings. So, while Micah played with his trains, Abi smiled and stared at her big brother. Hope I can do something like this with a newborn somewhere along the way (hint hint Marcia ;)). The credit for this idea goes Melissa Wells Photography (although I cannot find the original image that was pinned).

Oh and Abi is wearing her onesie that says "I just got here and I'm already awesome"

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