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a new place to play

Thursday, July 25, 2013
We tackled another project while the kids were away...I say "we" like I had anything to do with it...geesh! Anyway, we have been saving up to buy the kids a swing set. We foolishly thought they weren't "too" expensive...think again! Yikes, those things cost a pretty penny (or thousands of pretty pennies!). So, one day when our friend Mike was installing a ceiling fan at my parents house we were talking about what my mom was going to do with the old light fixture that was there. She said she was thinking of selling it on craigslist...and Mike said, "yeah, I'm about to try and sell a swing set on craigslist" and our ears perked up. "What kind of swing set and how much are you asking for it?" Well fast forward a couple of months and here we go a swing set for the kids!! And not JUST a swing set but this thing has a tower, a rock climbing wall and a slide!! They are going to be so excited when they see this! 

First things first, we had to take our fence out in order to get Mike's truck into the backyard because this thing is HEAVY!

 While they were bringing in the swing set other guys were still working on the was a hoping place!

We recruited some strong men to help with the heavy lifting!

They bolted everything together...

and whala...a swing set fit for a prince and three princesses!

The kids are going to have so much fun on this play set. I can just imagine the stories they'll tell and the things they'll act out and play. I can imagine long hours of them playing on here and many years of fun!

 Thank you so much Mike and Debbie for bringing the swing set to us and helping us get it up, the kids are going to LOVE it!!

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