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fingerprint (he)artwork

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Thank you pinterest for allowing me to find many great valentine's day craft ideas. Thank you pinterest for allowing people to share their good ideas with the world in a much easier to follow format! Here's the original pin and this is my take on it! I was at walmart and the mini canvases were more than I wanted to spend so I decided to just go with a piece of wood. So this project cost me a dollar but is worth much more than that!! Here's the basic steps! Buy your wood, take off the sticker and paint the board white...
 Cut a heart template and tape it to the wood. Then have each kid put multiple fingerprints all over the board in their color. I decided to do it this way because really who has room for four canvases in a row...and not sure my kids would have had the patience to decorate three on their own!

 Take the template off and check out your heart!

 Get some good glue and glue a ribbon to the back. And I made a "key" so that we'd know whose fingerprint was which color.
 I love this glue...more than hot glue, it sticks to just about anything and won't peel off!

Beautiful fingerprint art to hang in your home! You could make any shape you want!!

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