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the ones that call me mom

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
My photos may be blurry.
My little miss two year old may not have cooperated the way I wanted her to. 
I may have almost lost my cool. 
I had to remember...the people in the photo are more important than the photo. 

I may think that I'll never forget the way Hannah always wants to "hode Abi" 
or how Micah gets so upset if he doesn't get enough time to hold Abi.
I may think I won't ever forget Micah and Hannah with their cute underbites 
(that we hope to get fixed when they get bigger).
I may think that I'll never forget how protective Naomi and Micah are of "our baby".
I may think that I'll never forget how stubborn Hannah can be when it comes to picture taking time (and other times in general) she'll only smile for a picture if SHE wants to.
I'm okay with that really. It's Hannah!

It's just that I have my moms memory (sorry mom, it's true)
 and I know that without some of the photos I take,
 the moments will pass by all too quickly and I'll forget. 

After a few more sleepless nights and years gone by these photos will be a sweet treasure of a time when the kids were little and of a time I never want to forget. Because life may not be perfect. My house is messy and cluttered, my temper flairs more often than I'd like it to, tv programs get watched more often than they should, and we are human. But life is blessed. Blessed with four precious children who call me mom and call my amazing husband dad. Blessed with faith in Christ and the faith of these children is amazing. And I will treasure these photos...blurry or not. 

Have you taken photos of your kids recently? They grow up so quickly and you never know what the future holds...don't wait until next week...get your camera out now and snap some photos that you WILL treasure now and in the future!


How did I get so blessed to have these four incredible little people call me mom?
God is good. I am blessed indeed.

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