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i made jello...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
I made jello.
I made jello to take to church.
I made jello to take to church for an incredible woman's funeral.
It just doesn't seem right.

I only knew Linda for 20 months. 20 short months. But those were 20 months of learning of a wonderful woman. 20 months of seeing her faith in action. 20 months of hearing about precious children and grandchildren. 20 incredible months. I really wish it could be 20 more months...and then some. Linda was an incredible person. Salt of the earth.


Someone whom I would love to be like. She had a smile and a kind word for EVERYONE. If she wasn't doing great she didn't hide that behind a facade, she spoke the truth in love. She shared Jesus when she was having a rough day or week. Her face showed her joy when she spoke of her family. She had a great sense of humor and could rib with the best of them. Evidenced by the fact that she gave my husband a Detroit Tigers shirt (her favorite team) when they went to the World Series and the Cardinals did not. She was so hospitable and invited us over to swim in her pool during the VERY hot summer. She told us to come anytime and as long as they were home we could come. I'm not usually one to take someone up on their offer of that nature. But I'm so glad that we did, we were blessed by her hospitality, her generosity and her caring spirit.

It just doesn't seem right that she's not with us anymore. The last few months while she's been sick I've really missed her smiling face at church. I'd look to "her pew" and see she wasn't there and it just didn't feel right. Linda wouldn't want me sitting here being sad about her going to be with Jesus. She would want me to rejoice right along with her. She would tell me that it's okay, she's not hurting anymore and she's sitting by her Savior's side. She would tell me to keep loving my family but most importantly to keep loving and serving Jesus. Linda would want everyone to know about her Savior. To know that He died because He loved her. To know that He knew the day and the time that He would call her home as He does with all of us, but that we don't have to be scared because He has prepared a room for us. She would want everyone to remember how much they are loved and how incredible and amazing grace really is.

So, as I take my jello to church tomorrow to celebrate the life of this incredible woman, to share how much she meant to me with her family (after only 20 short months) I will rejoice in the gift of eternal salvation and say "See you soon Linda."

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