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the rest of the weekend

Saturday, September 18, 2010
We enjoyed the rest of our weekend in Dallas...
we went to church at Lamb of God Lutheran in Flower Mound
where our old campus Pastor from CUW is the Pastor...
PB had a GREAT sermon!! Miss his sermons sometimes!

We met Eric, Catherine and Lily for a good ol Texas bbq lunch.
Tried to get the kids to nap again,
instead we watched football and went swimming.
You can probably guess who watched the football and who went swimming!

Papa read lots of books to the little ladies...
well, really just one book lots of times!

We got some good cousin photos...

And a good grammy, papa and grand kids photo.

Oh and one of all "five" grand kids.

Catherine is 23 weeks and due in January.
I am at 35.5 weeks and due in October.

Monday morning grammy and papa brought over their souvenir gifts
and we got a photo with all the kids in their Paris shirts with German bears.
Micah was not in the good mood, that's why Greg is holding him.
He was burying his head the whole time,
till I told him that Mickey Mouse was in my camera.

Naomi and Lily with their shirts and bears!

My sweet niece Lily!

We had a quick 4.5 hour drive home,
took some naps and then had Susan come over to watch the kids
so Greg and I could go on a "date" of a quick dinner
and then a hospital tour!

I am having this baby at yet another different hospital.
My OB left after Micah was born,
but I got a new OB from the same "practice"
but they moved to a new office and thus a new hospital...
but that's okay because this new hospital is nicer than the one Micah was born in!

So I've had a new OB and new hospital each time I've had a kid!
(and two different OB's while prego with Naomi)
So I guess I can recommend good OB's in
Seymour, Indiana; St. Louis; Florida and Texas if you're looking!

Theresa said...

You are busy for a 35 week pregnant mom. No wonder you are tired. I hope you have been able to relax some.

KM said...

I love your TWO mama belly shot! Looks like your little ones will have life long friends!

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