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adam and chelsea's wedding

Friday, September 17, 2010
Let's start this wedding post with a photo of someone
who won't be getting married for quite a while.
This is my beautiful niece Lily!
She will be two on Halloween and will be a big sister in January!

The sky was clear but the weather was hot
for this roof top wedding ceremony!

In true Adam fashion the guys had awesome shoes...

and ties.

Here's the happy couple saying their vows.

These little ones did not make it through the ceremony,
but instead enjoyed snacks downstairs...
I can't blame them much, the wedding was at 7pm.

Here's my family that was in town for the wedding...
crazy Micah, me, Greg, Naomi, my dad, my mom,
my sister-in-law Catherine, my niece Lily and my brother.

She doesn't look too happy here does she?
Just tired and hot and hungry I guess,
(bad combination for a 3 year old)
but this is the dress I made for her for the wedding.
It was a pretty easy dress to make and I love how it turned out.
I'll get some better photos of it later and post them.

Naomi was so excited to see the "wedding girl" Chelsea!

This is my mom and her brother, three sisters and their spouses.

Naomi and (according to her) her future husband Matthew.
They look thrilled don't you think...

This is me and my good friend Kimi
(she's Matthew's mom, so I have no problem with
Naomi wanting to marry Matthew)

The only photo I got of the bride and groom with "most" of their faces showing.
I know, how could I not get one good photo of the b&g...
too busy chasing kids and catching up with family I guess.

Naomi, Micah and Lily had a great time dancing
for the short while that they were at the reception.

These are all my cousins, their spouses and kids that were at the wedding.
This is only a small sampling of all the cousins on this side of the family.

We had a great time at the wedding and it was so great
to catch up with family and friends.
The day came and went so quickly.

I'll have more photos tomorrow from the rest of our weekend in Dallas!
Theresa said...

Wow you made your daughter's dress? You should sell cute!

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