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the dress and tie

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Here are some better photos of the dress I made for Naomi.
It was a pattern my friend Amy had...See & Sew pattern 3889.
It was a simple pattern that even pattern illiterate people (like me) can do.
Naomi loved the dress long so I didn't hem it quite as short as the pattern suggested.
She's all about dresses that cover the shoes...
even though this one did not cover her shoes she still loved it.
It has a pretty good twirl factor too.
She wore it to church on Sunday but I totally forgot to get a photo of her in it.
So you'll just have to see it on the hanger.

I love these labels that Bonnie gave me.
Helps Naomi know which is the back of the dress too.

I made this tie for Micah.
Greg got it on him for the wedding,
but it was off him about 10 minutes later...
didn't even get a photo of him wearing it.
But he did look super cute.

The tutorial and pattern for the tie are from here.
KM said...

absolutely DARLING!!!!

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