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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Tuesday morning Amy and I took the kids downtown to the Grand Hyatt for a story time with Santa. The celebrity reader was Ursula Pari from KSAT channel 12 news. You can see her in the first picture with the santa hat on. Anyway, they had santa in a vintage suit and an obviously fake beard. They read two Cordoroy Christmas stories and then you could take your picture with Santa. Now, we're not really doing the Santa thing in our house but I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the kids with Santa. When I started taking them over to him and Santa acknowledge them and waived at Naomi and Micah, Naomi burst into tears and just kept saying "No". I've not seen her cry like that in a long time! I think it's so funny that kids are so scared of Santa. Well, this guy was a little weird looking, obviously fake beard, and all you could really see were his eyes. So, Naomi's scared of Santa and that's okay with me. At church on Wednesday people were telling me that they saw me on the news. I noticed the camera man while Ursula was reading the story but I didn't think they got me at all, but they did. I guess it was because I had an adorable little lady sitting on my lap! They also had cookies and milk there for everyone. It was a fun morning.
Rachel Hill said...

I love Micah's sweater!!

Dana said...

Crying at santa - just wait till one of them kicks the Easter Bunny. Emily did that when she was almost 2. Not a pretty sight. She really did not want to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap.

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