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funny things

Thursday, December 18, 2008
I just want to write down some of the conversations that Naomi and I are having lately. She's so funny and at the age where she doesn't really understand too much so it just makes it even more funny. So, if you were a fly on the wall around us here's what you may hear.

in church:
N: Is that a cross?
J: Yes it is
N: Is that Jeus? (Jesus)
J: Yes
N: Does he got shoes on?
J: Nope, Jesus is barefoot

in the car we were talking about getting married and weddings and things and this was after I had gotten off the phone with Julie.
J: Do you know that mommy and daddy are married, and Auntie Julie and Uncle Clif are married, and so are grandma and grandpa. Do you think you want to get married someday?
N: Yes
J: Who do you want to marry?
N: Uncle Cif
J: Oh honey, Uncle Clif is already married to Auntie Julie
N: I marry Uncle Cif too.

I know there are more but I cannot think of them right now. I'll add more as I do think of them. Have a great day!

Oh and Micah is up on his knees and rockin...won't be long till my life is over...ha, I'm totally kidding!

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