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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
We were invited to attend a Spurs game last night...and who can say no to that?! With it being Greg's birthday it was even more special. We had a great time and really enjoyed the game and the company. We had great seats, I've never sat that close was fun to be able to watch the players expressions without having to look at the jumbotron. The Spurs played HORRIBLE in the first quarter and scored (what I'm guessing to be an all time low) 5 points. They finally showed up in the second half and came out on top to beat the Atlanta Hawks, 89-74. It was a frustrating game to watch at times but we had fun anyway. Thanks Will and Diana for taking us to the game and spoiling us, we had a great time and will always remember our first Spurs game. Our seats were in section 118, Row 21! Pretty great seats if you ask me. Just look for the little red "x" to see where we sat.

The view from our seats...without zoom.
Tim Duncan patiently shooting free throws. Will, Greg, Jamie and Diana

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