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lesson learned

Friday, February 29, 2008
Yesterday I had the joy and privieldge of spending my ENTIRE morning in the hospital. Let me just give you the run-down of my day.

Wed. at noon Greg and I had a tour of the hospital, not very impressed...but how can one be impressed when one gives birth at the "baby hospital" in St. Louis (St. John's Mercy)

6:30am - Naomi wakes up screaming. I go get her and bring her into bed with us
7:00am - I decide to get out of bed and make some coffee (3/4 decaf and 1/4 regular)
7:15am - Shower and get ready for appointment
7:40am - Feed Naomi breakfast and have a bowl of cereal
8:00am - Out the door for appointment, Greg left at the same time to take Naomi to Amy's house since she would be watching Naomi during my appointment
8:25am - Arrive at Drs office
8:30am - Go give specimen, get blood pressure taken, weighed all that good stuff
8:40am - Dr. measures baby, listens to heartrate and tells me I will need to go to the hospital to be monitored because my blood pressure was very high. I explain, it's because I had a cup of coffee and I don't normally drink caffeine.
9:00am - after checking out at Drs office drive out of the garage so I don't have to pay any more money and drive ten feet to park in the emergency parking lot of hospital.
9:15am - Get admitted to hospital, give specimen, gowned, and hooked up to machines
9:30am - Nurse asked me TONS of questions and then took my BP and I'm hooked up to a machine that will take it every 30 mins. They also said someone would be in to take blood.
10:55am - someone FINALLY comes back into my room to see how I'm doing. I had no nurse call button and I told them I wanted to rest so I did not get the remote control. I told the nurse that no one had been in to take my blood and she acted surprised.
11:15am - The lab lady finally comes to take my blood, and I ask her to get me a nurse.
11:30am - A nurse finally comes in, I had to pee but was all hooked up. I also ask her if I can get something to drink.
12:15pm - A nurse comes back to tell me they're just waiting for the blood work but it looks like I'll be able to go home soon.
12:30pm - I call Greg and start crying because I was SO frustrated!!!!
1:00pm - Greg comes to hospital and the nurse tells HIM that I'll be able to go home soon.
1:10pm - I get dressed and discharged, everything looks good.
1:30pm - FINALLY get something to eat....I was STARVING!
1:45pm - Finally get to Amy's where Naomi is taking a nap and sit to eat and relax for a minute.
So I spent the morning at the hospital...everything was fine. Shouldn't have had that cup of coffee even though it was mostly decalf! I guess I learned my lesson.
Kari said...

Ugh, what a day!! I'll see you Sunday?!

Rachel Hill said...

I'm glad nothing's wrong!! At least you probably got that series of 100 questions when you check into the hospital over with, right? I went in once before I actually delivered and I was glad I had those over with before contractions!

Anonymous said...

You're a trooper!
I'm glad to hear all is well. At least you were able to make sure all was well. A crappy way to have to find it out though. :O
Miss you guys. Did Greg get all his e-cards?
Only 50 days until call day!! Yee Haw!
Love ya guys!

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