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Monday, February 25, 2008
Naomi has lots of outfits that are 12 months and just starting to fit her. Yes, she's almost 17 months old but she's got a small lower body. She usually wears 18 month tops and onsies and 12 month bottoms. The problem is that some of the pants are too big. Well, I decided to try this outfit out today. The pants are still a little big but that's because the elastic is only in the back. If the elastic went all the way around they'd fit much better. I thought the shirt would be too short but it seemed to fit her okay. The pants are supposed to be capri's and when they are pulled up they actually look that way, but after a little walking, squating and playing the pants just start to drift and gravity takes over. Oh well, it's a cute outfit and it worked out great for our 85 degree day. Yes, we've had the air on twice already this year because it's been in the high 80's low 90's the last two days. If this is any indication you'll find me inside my house from May through August.
She had a blast carrying around the bag we wrapped Greg's birthday present in. She just kept saying bye bye, like she does anytime she picks up her little purse.

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