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Thursday, December 25, 2008
I promised that I'd share some of the gifts that I've made so here goes. I made coasters this year for the staff. However, I have not finished them all so some of the staff will be getting their Christmas gifts on Sunday (12-28). These were very simple to make and the most time consuming part was cutting the squares. You can see the tutorial here. Thanks so much Elisa for your inspiring blog and great idea. This is now our "go-to" hostess gift for any parties we get invited if you invite us to a party and we bring homemade coasters please act surprised! They've already come in handy for two parties we've attended!

I've also been working on my client calendars for 2009. I always make an 8x10 calendar with a few photos from our shoot for each client just to say thanks and to "encourage" them to think of me in the future for other photo shoots. I hope to get them all finished and in the mail before we leave Monday...wish me luck! here's the one I made for us...
Elisa said...

Your coasters turned out great - such nice fabric selections. :) Glad you got good use of the idea. Have a happy new year!

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