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christmas eve

Thursday, December 25, 2008
Christmas Eve was an great day filled with anticipation, short naps, late naps, joy, excitement, happiness, craziness, love and best of all Jesus!!!
Since Micah napped later in the day we were unable to attend the 5pm church service. Which ended up being okay. Greg and I had talked about opening presents on Christmas day so that Naomi wouldn't be bummed that she had to go to bed right after opening presents. But since we went to the 7pm service and came home at the same time as Greg we decided to open presents then. This pushed bed time WAY back but we decided that wasn't a big deal, afterall it WAS Christmas Eve.
Naomi was beside herself with excitement and couldn't wait to help everyone open their presents. She loved everything she got and everything Micah got and wanted to stop all present opening once a toy was opened so that she could play with it. She opened the clothes rather quickly though and it was forgotten about for the moment. But that's okay, she's two! Julie and I had this conversation the other day, should we wrap the clothes for the kids or should it be a gift for the childs mother...since the child doesn't usually care what they wear and it will just be less money from the clothes budget for the mom to worry about it should be a gift for the mom! ha!
Anyway, the kids got some cute outfits and we can't wait for them to wear them! They also got some great toys from their aunts and uncles and one from grammy and papa that was sent here. I got Greg a beer making kit and he really seemed to like it! I'm glad. He had talked about getting one earlier in the year and when I saw it in an ad I immediately knew what I was going to get him. He got the beer started tonight and in about a month we'll have home brewed beer. Come on over and try it...when it's done of course. I didn't take a ton of photos, I was too busy enjoying the moment! But here are a few! Merry Christmas everyone!
Micah with his first Cardinals hat and a cow driving a tractor! Thanks "B" gang!Naomi was very helpful and loved opening Micah's presents too. She's gonna be bummed when he gets bigger and can do it himself! Thanks"N" family for the great gifts and the kids can't wait to get their magazines too!Naomi likes this car but it a little freaked out by it when it moves by itself. Micah cries when the car moves, it's kinda funny. Check out the video below!

Can you tell we had a "discovery toys" Christmas. Thanks Kevin and Jenny for the Hammer Away!Micah's pretty tough with his hat on backwards and do you see how he's demolishing that car!?Greg is now, "Mr. Beer"

Holly said...

We're so glad the kids liked their presants. Noah has a Cardinal hat just like Micah's. We thought it was cool that it was reversible. Our kids liked their presants, and of course Gene and I liked ours too. When I get around to updating my blog I'll post the pic I have of all the kids wearing their jammies. Plus Andrew loves his matching game. What a great idea!! I'll have to get head shots of some of the Buerosse relatives to add to his deck. Thanks guys!!

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