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christmas gifts

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I made some fun gifts for my nephews this year and I can't wait to make the same things for my daughter. For Michael and Andrew I the family memory game. I got a photo of each person, extracted their head in photoshop, put their name below their photo and then printed them on cardstock. I then took a box of cards and laminated the picture to the card in place of the number side of the card. I had to make my own boxes for their cards since they were too big to fit in the normal card box that they came in. I really am happy with how this turned out and will be making some for my kids soon too!
I also made Noah a felt board. I hope to add more pieces to this as he gets older. I think it's a great activity board and it travels easily and could be used as a quiet book too. I hope that he likes it and gets lots of use out of it. Now, I just need to make one for N for church!!

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