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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Pictures: I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for pictures from our time in Colorado but you'll have to wait just a bit longer. The pictures from the digital camera are okay but I am getting the film developed tomorrow and will try to post during Naomi's nap! Hopefully she'll take a long nap! She's fighting another string of the cold again.

Doctor/baby 2: I went to the doctor on Wednesday. Can you believe that I'm already going every two weeks! Ah! That seems SO crazy. Anyway, it was glucose test day and everything was great, my blood was good and blood pressure is good and my weight is okay too (I'll never say my weight is good so just don't expect that). I am still fighting the cold/sore throat so the dr. gave me some antibiotics. She said that since I've had this for over a month it's gotta be something more than JUST a cold. If it's not gone in a week I'll go see her again and figure out what this really is. Little man is VERY active and his heart beat was very strong. Man, I can't wait to meet him...but I'm really lovin' Naomi and the stage she's at right now. She cracks me up!!! LOVE IT! We went and registered today for some more baby things because the elders and their wives are throwing us a shower. Not sure if we registered for everything we need, or too's just the clothes that we don't have much of...but we know it will all work out. We left feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that pretty soon there will be two little children to fill our lives, homes and hearts! But we're SO excited...and man, it's getting pretty close!

Travel plans/visitors: I don't have any more travel plans except maybe a trip to Austin to get Rachael and Lucy, bring them to SA for a day and take them back. Kristin and Sherry are coming in March, not sure if Tracey and Brad are coming in Feb or not...I should find out! Then it will be baby visitors in April.

Organization/cleaning: We're excited for all that is about to change and in the mean time I'm cleaning and getting rid of LOTS of stuff. Why do I hold on to all this stuff? I mean really is it necessary? Not really.

I've joined the flylady and hope to learn lots about purging, organizing and cleaning from her. I've already shined my sink (pics: top is before, but I'd already started cleaning the right side...bottom is the after) and I'm getting things together for an organization binder and everything. I really want to be more on top of things before the little man makes his debut.

Photography business: I am working more seriously this week on getting forms together so that I can pursue a few options before April. Our church secretaries daughter is a senior and has expressed an interest in having me photograph her senior pictures and maybe those of some of her friends too. I will finally be starting my photography classes with Jim on Monday. I am very excited about this too. It's all slowly coming into place. Just need to make some money so I can buy that coveted Canon 40D! I really wanted to steal Rachel's but just didn't think it was right. I could've stolen her Canon DSLR Rebel XT but it would cost $300-400 to get fixed and I could buy a new one for about that much. Anyway, I'll stop lamenting about the camera and do what I can with what I have. It's worked for me in the past so why can't it work now? Anyway, still reading lots and just trying to get things organized and ready to go. My goal is to be "official" by June!
Okay, here's one picture from Colorado to tide you over...check out these cuties!
Naomi and her new friend Miriam ready for bed!
Erin J said...

I had to laugh about the flylady, we were talking about the 27 fling boogie a couple weeks ago at MOPS. She has some really great ideas. Take care and get some rest the next couple of months.

Casey said...

Fly lady is funny! I did it for awhile, but then realized that I already do most of her ideas and got sick of the e-mails. I hope it works for you though, because she has great ideas! I like the concept of tackling one area a day for something like 10-15 minutes and over time, it all gets cleaned out.

Jon and Lani said...

I have to admit I was quite curious about your sink I looked up the and am proud to say that I've had a shining sink for 2 weeks now! What a difference it makes! How's your sink looking these days?

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