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some pictures

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Here are some pictures from Larry and Eden's wedding (jan 19). I had edited them on Friday while Naomi took a nap but apparently I saved them wrong so I had to do them all over...thus the delay in actually getting them posted. I will share some more from our time with Rachel and Xavier soon. I still need to edit those too.

I was NOT happy with how the film pictures turned out either. Either something is wrong with the camera or there just was not good light and I'm really hoping it was the light. All the pictures turned out really grainy! Ugh! Not fun! I really wish I could snap my fingers and the Canon 40D would appear in front of me. I know I need to be happy with what I've got but it would be so much easier if I didn't have to worry about the pictures turning out and I could see them right away. Like, did someone blink or are we okay? Ugh! Okay, here's the pictures, enjoy and I'll stop venting for now and go to bed!
The guys the night before the wedding...Andrew, Eric, Ryan, Larry, Billy & WillScrapin' credits: Miss Mint, After Midnight
4 pregos...Jamie due April 12th, Heather due May 30th, Rachael due July 4th and Mindy due July 24th.
Mindy, Krista, Rachael, Heather, Jamie and Daisy... SO GOOD to hang out with these ladies again!
The Seminary guys get crazy for a couple pictures!
The Sem gang that was there!

Andrew, Daisy, Miriam, Jamie and Naomi! Thanks for your hospitality you guys we had a great time hanging out with you!

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