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FREE printable Valentines Day Cards and Bookmarks

Friday, January 26, 2018
A few years ago I started drawing Valentines Cards for my kids to color and then hand out to their classmates. I also made them available for others to use for their own kiddos!! This year I do hope to draw a new set but if I am being honest I may not get around to it. But, I wanted to make sure you all knew where to find the older ones so you could use them again...or for the first time!! Print these, color them and then tag me in any photos you share so I can see how your kids colored them and enjoyed passing them out to their friends. I hope your kiddos like them!!

Star Wars Valentines HERE

School Supply Valentines HERE

Friend Valentines HERE

Girl Bookmark Valentines HERE

Boy Bookmark Valentines HERE

These FREE printable Valentines are for personal use only!
Please don't alter, copy, or reproduce to sell! Just direct people here to get the link to download! Thanks!

I also have some Valentines for sale in my etsy store so go check out those as well!!

I have also made some greeting cards that will be available for purchase (as soon as I can photograph and list them!!)

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