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Friday, March 11, 2016
Can someone please tell me why in the world they make you "mail away" for your child's birth certificate? Who in their right, newborn, sleep deprived, zombie state of mind is able to function enough to get that done...well, don't answer that because I'm am sure there are MANY moms who actually get their child's birth certificate in a timely manner. I, however am not one of them. I've had "Get Hannah's birth certificate" on my to-do list for a long time...she is afterall FIVE! Five! I'm so behind the times. It always got pushed to the bottom of the list. But I am proud to tell you that after five long years Hannah finally has a certified official birth certificate. Well, as you can imagine if I didn't have Hannah's I must not have had Abi and Josiah's, and you are correct. However, theirs were easier to get since I actually live in the state where they were born. I just had to go to a place, pay some money and wait three minutes. Easy. Done. Cross it off the list! Yay! Honestly I don't know what has taken me soooo long to get that done but now it is. So yay!

I had to take the three little kids with me when I went to get the local birth certificates and while it was a short visit the girls get restless REALLY fast. Do you have kids like that? Well, I certainly do. But I had something in my purse (which always stays in my purse now) for just a time like this. I have these awesome doodle books that I got from Start Creative and they are always in my purse for moments when I need my kids to sit for a bit and be quiet.
 There are three different books with 32 pages each that have a different doodle prompt on them. These books leave the creative window wide open and just encourage you to "start"! I love these books. I don't have games on my phone for my kids to play so we usually have to resort to "eye spy" or something similar. But these little books are a mini life saver in those "in between" moments. They are great for our wait at the dentist office, the eye doctor, the birth certificate office and even church. I know these seem like something that would be easy to make but honestly when was the last time you ever actually made something from your pinterest board? Oh is that only me? Well for those of you that like to have non-technological things in your bag of tricks to help your kids calmly pass some time please consider these awesome, well made, thoughtful, thought provoking and creative starting books!!

I asked Amy if she would be willing to give you, my readers, a discount for these awesome books and she agreed!! YAY!! So head over to Start Creative and use the code "PUREJOY10" for 10% off your purchase! You will not be disappointed...but hurry the code is only good until March 13th.

These doodle books were given to me free of charge for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own!

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