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bible journaling

Friday, February 26, 2016
On January 27th I decided it was time to try being consistent once again. I was going to try to be consistent in my Bible reading. I have failed miserably at this time and time again. It's not that God's Word doesn't excite, motivate, comfort and show me love it's that I'm lazy, easily distracted and not easily motivated to stick with things. This time when I started reading my Bible in the Treasury of Daily Prayer (which is a book from Concordia Publishing House that has daily scripture readings, (a psalm, old testament and new testament) a writing from a church father, prayer and a hymn verse all ready to go in one place), I was going to pick a verse that stood out to me and hand write that verse. I didn't set any specific rules for myself, I just wanted to start. I wanted to use the time to create, meditate on God's word and let it sink in as I wrote it. I am happy to report that for the first time in my life I have read my Bible consistently for a month! Yes, some days I'm in a hurry so I don't always let it sink it, I am still human after all...but it is something that I don't want to miss. I don't know if it's just that I'm out to prove myself wrong, to prove that I can be consistent or if it's just the fact that I get to draw after I read that has kept me reading day after day. But whatever it is I'll take it. You know, what ever it takes to make you do a good it! Well, almost anything right?!  

So after I was consistent with my one page hand written Bible verse I decided that it would be good to buy a Journaling Bible. They are all the rage right now and I love it! I mean after all God does tell us to "Read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" His Word, right? I was hesitant to purchase one because I was afraid it would sit on my shelf unused like so many of my other Bibles. Yes, BibleS. But once I connected my creative brain with the Word of God it all just clicked. I've loved digging into God's Word to find those nuggets of truth. I love finding passages and stories that I haven't read before...or in a long time at least. 

I am not saying that I never read my Bible before. I just wasn't consistent about it. I struggled to find the joy of the Lord that would keep me coming back for more. Yes, I am admitting that...even as a Pastor's wife. I love the Lord and what he has done for me. I would be lost without Him, His love and His grace. God is so good to me and I am blessed beyond measure. I enjoy digging into His word to reveal His truths to myself. I am glad that I have discovered this new vigor and joy of digging into His word. Maybe it's something that would help motivate you to keep reading your Bible, or pick it up again. Connecting a couple different passions really makes things click.    

Isn't Amazon amazing?! I mean where else can you buy diapers, potato starch, a Bible and colored pencils all at the same time?! I haven't gotten too adventurous in the use of different mediums in my Bible just yet. So far I have used, these colored pencils shown here, my micron pens and stamps/ink. I will branch out as I work at this and get used to drawing in my Bible. But I love it and I am so excited that I'll have a beautiful Bible to pass on to my kids some day. Here are a few of my pages below!

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