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free valentines day printables

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
So you all know how cheap I am right? I mean thrifty. I love to spoil my kids and other peoples kids...but I try to do so in the thriftiest way possible. I also love to draw and do hand lettering, I combined all those things and came up with these Valentine's Day printables! I had so much fun creating these! I also made some adult ones (adult meaning, kids don't really know what a typewriter is!) that you can find on my etsy page! These school supply valentines and the heart Valentine printables can be found over at A Glimpse Inside blog today where I am a contributor now! I'll be sharing things over there once a month. I guess it's a good way to get me to write on my own blog as well!!

 And if you're not as cheap as me you can always include some school supplies or crayons!!

But I've also got a fun printable for you here! Just download this Star Wars Valentine page have your kids color them in and give them to their friends!! Or just tape some crayons to the Valentine and let their friends do the coloring! I would love to see how your kids use all these different Valentines. Please use the hashtag #pjcinthewild on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your creations!! Hope you enjoy these goodies!

You can get the FREE Star Wars Printable HERE!!
These FREE printable Valentines are for personal use only!
Please don't alter, copy, or reproduce to sell! Just direct people here to get the link to download! Thanks! And don't forget to head over to A Glimpse Inside blog to get the other two printables!

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