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two shows I'd like to pitch to the food network

Thursday, November 12, 2015
As I was creating a soup of leftover pork chops, veggies, potatoes and some herbs and spices the other day, I was thinking to myself that I didn't really know what I was doing. I was wishing there was someone there who could tell me what spice to use and why. I wanted someone to show me how to properly cut an onion and tell me why I should or shouldn't add broccoli to this soup (I didn't add it). I was thinking that if I could go to culinary school that would be awesome but I don't really have the time or the money for that right now in this stage of life. Then I thought that it would be awesome if I could go on the Food Network and be on one of their shows...but I couldn't figure out which show I would be qualified to be on. I obviously couldn't go on Chopped or any of those serious competition shows (those people actually know how to cook and make up their own recipes). I couldn't go on "worst cooks in America" because those people can't even boil water and well, I can at least follow a recipe.

SO, I thought up a show that I am proposing here and now to Food Network. It's called "The Mediocre Chef" and it's a show for those of us who don't use the fancy terms or the super expensive cuts of meat but we want to know how to cook food that tastes amazing with little effort and not a TON of money. I want the show to include how and what to grow in your garden for optimal eating and how to use and store it. I want the show to include people who love to cook but don't have the time or resources to read articles and try many different techniques. I want the show to have a part where the mediocre chefs learn how to create their own recipes...whether baked goods or dinner. I want the show to have real non-chefs like myself in there with the Bobby Flay's of the world teaching them what spices to add, how to work a grill, how to make dinner with just a few ingredients, etc... which got me thinking about my second show idea.
I don't know if this show would be better on the Food Network or the Game Show Network but it's called, "Mom's Pantry" and on the show the contestants have to create dinner for five-seven people with whatever happens to be in the pantry. Each show would have the pantries stocked differently but they definitely would not be FULLY stocked like all the Food Network shows pantries are. There would be a pre-determined amount and type of food. And sometimes there would be a little bit of spices left sometimes none, sometimes full bottles. Sometimes there's two onions and sometimes more. Get my drift? Also, while the contestants are coming up with a dinner their kids will actually eat they have to answer homework questions, switch the laundry and peel the crazy toddler off their legs! I think this would make good TV!! Who wants to help me pitch this? ;) And who wants to come teach me how to cook...and make up my own recipes? Cuz I'm already pretty good at following the ones I find online and in books!
Some day I'd love to go to culinary school. But for now I will continue to cook meals for my family from recipes and some from scratch from things I make up but forget to write down so I can't ever recreate them!

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