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sunsets, mixed media and scripture

Friday, May 16, 2014
I've been busy working on some custom paintings and some mixed media portrait collages. I LOVE working on this kind of stuff, the only problem is that I have to work on it at night and often times I don't have the energy once I get home from work and get everyone in bed. But I'm working on getting things done. I've got three other mixed media portraits in the works and can't wait to share them. If you're interested in one please check out my etsy shop. I will take a limited number of custom orders at a time!!

This Chicago skyline at sunset was so much fun to work on. You can't see it in the picture but the yellow and red paint has a little bit of a shimmer to it making it even more fun to see in real life. I am also currently working on a triptych for a nursery of a college friend of mine. Can't wait to get that finished and to the sweet little lady!!

These mixed media portrait collages are a labor of love but I really enjoy working on them!!

 I painted and hand-lettered this for our church to donate to the Relay for Life silent auction that was held last weekend. I love making things like this so much! If there is something I can make for you please let me know!

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