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boots and some curls

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
 Here are some photos that I took yesterday. I needed to catch Hannah like she truly is most days...wearing her rain boots. Boots that are too big for her feet yet easy for her to put on and she LOVES them. We often times call her "boots" because it's usually what you'll see her wearing. And a few shots of cutie patootie Abi! She's a pretty serious child but loves to smile and talk. Yes, she talks just like all the other kids...well, okay we can't understand her all the time but when you ask her a question you better have a minute for her to mumble her response. She's putting more and more words together every day and will mimic just about every word you say to her. And she's my first child to master the "L" sound at such an early fact she says "L's" better than Hannah. Abi resembles Micah a lot more than the other girls and she got the curly hair that we had to cut away from Micah's hair. I am so excited and I hope her curls stick around! Anyway, here's a few more random photos of my cute little ladies!

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